A seminar on real-world digital media skills was put on at the Digital Media Center last week. Organized by graduate student Chris Ball, it also featured animator Kyle Stephens, designer and business entrepreneur Kanishka Biddanda, and producer Will Griffith.  Each spoke about the challenges and opportunities for getting their work in the public eye and noticed.  There was also an ongoing brisk discussion on job hunting, networking, presentation, and other real-world skills.

Kyle Stephens showed some of his stop motion animation and discussed networking, the importance of mentoring, and the passion for his craft. Kanishka Biddanda spoke of his experience in different business ventures, some digital media related and others quite different. He also had tips for negotiating as freelancers and how to handle payments and contracts. Will Griffith, a producer at Mountain States Health Alliance, spoke on the need for aggressiveness in approaching jobs and opportunities. Chris Ball spoke of his international video work and some of the connections that made that possible.