Tennessee Board of Regents has approved a new curriculum for Digital Media students starting in Fall 2015. The new curriculum features an immersive freshman year that saturates students with a sample of everything we have to offer at ETSU. During that first year, students will start animating, shoot and edit video, design and create a game, and work with 2D artwork. The four principles classes taken during the freshman year (DIGM1400 Principles of visual Effects and Motion Graphics, DIGM1500 Principles of Digital Game Design, DIGM1800 Principles of Digital Animation, and DIGM1900 Principles of Visualization) reflect the four concentrations in digital media. The Sophomore year includes a 1-credit hour mid-point review (DIGM2990) to enable students to put together a portfolio based upon the work created in their principles classes, and enable faculty to review the results to ensure that students are meeting expectations for continued growth towards a degree in digital media. Upper level classes continue to develop essential skills with many being project-based and repeatable for credit to allow students to specialize in specific areas.

Also new for Fall 2015 is a Digital Visual Effects Concentration, designed to give students interested in studying digital film, motion graphics, and visual effects a structured course sequence.

Current students will continue to follow the curriculum in the ETSU Catalog from the year they entered ETSU.  Most existing courses have equivalent courses in the new curriculum, with substitutions available for those that do not.

The full curriculum is available on the Curriculum Page.