Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring or buy my own computer?

You don’t need to purchase a computer to come here as the digital media labs are open 24/7 during the semester for student use.  But many students do buy their own computers.  Most have at least some sort of portable storage (i.e., a thumb drive, or a portable hard drive with a USB connection), just so they can take everything with them and also for backup.

Just about everything here is Windows-based, though a lot of our software will also run on a Mac. A Windows 7/10 machine would be most compatible with the labs (no plans for Windows 8). Laptop vs. desktop is up to you and how you expect to use the machine. For instance, will you take your class notes on it in other classes? For the digital media applications, you’d want at least 16 Gb of ram and a decent graphics card. We use nVidia graphics cards in the labs. If you end up taking some of the video classes, you’ll use a lot of disk space.

Most assignments get delivered electronically, so you probably wouldn’t require a DVD drive.  We have scanners and printers in the labs, and lots of other cameras and camcorders for check out.

So it’s up to you. You can trade off time in the labs with the cost of a machine. There is a community in the labs that work with and help each other. You can bring a laptop into the labs as well as there is wireless in the whole building.

How long before I start animating, or making a game, or shooting video?

You start all that in your first semester and go from there. In the first year, you’ll take a course in animation, visual effects, game creation, and 2D artwork.  There’s a Mid-Point review in your second year to look over your work you create in these classes to assess your potential to successfully complete the program.  So there is a lot to accomplish in your 1st year!

Can I tour the Digital Media Center to see the facilities?

Of course.  Just sent an e-mail to and we’ll arrange to talk to you when you are in town.  It’s good to combine this with a campus tour so you get the full picture of what it’ll be like to go to school here (

Where do your students go when they graduate?

Everywhere, and they do all kinds of different stuff. Many of students are in the studios working on games and movies, broadcast animators, matte painters, etc.  And a lot of you-never-thought-of-that stuff like digital media specialist at the Peace Corps, interactive designer for E-Bay, making 3D virtual stores for Proctor and Gamble, etc.  See for yourself in the digital media alumni group on Facebook:  It’s a long list.

What kind of computers and software do you have in the lab?

We have Boxx graphics workstations in the labs that have 32Gb of ram, SSD drives, nVidia Quadro M4000 (8 Gb), dual monitors, and 16 cores.  We also have a lab of Cintiq monitors.  And we have a 100-seat render farm for cranking out animation.

We have the Autodesk Creation Suite (Maya, Max, Mudbox, Motionbuilder), the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, and everything else), zBrush, Syntheyes, Nuke, Modo, Houdini, and so on.

What kind of equipment do you have in for students to check out?

  • Canon T3Is (20) for photos and video
  • Canon T5Is (20) for photos and video
  • tripods, dolly, steadicams
  • Portable audio recorders with microphones
  • Wacom tablets and pens
  • Light kits

Do you have out-of-state scholarships?

We have an awesome out-of-state scholarship.  Read about the Creative Arts Scholarship in Digital Media and apply online.