This concentration gives students the background to develop conceptual, technical, and aesthetic design skills important in the creation of digital media art assets. Students in this concentration prepare concept art and design elements for careers in entertainment media, game art, electronic publishing, photographic imaging, advertising design, and 3-D modeling.



What Classes Will I Take in Visualization?

The Digital Media Core is required by all digital media majors, regardless of concentration. These classes develop skills required of professionals across all areas of digital media. The last class in this series, Portfolio Development (DIGM4930) prepares students to transition from college life to professional life by working on resumes, cover letters, presentation skills, and most importantly: developing a professional digital media portfolio.

ENTC 1510 Student in University

This course is meant to provide guidance to first-year university students as they begin their search for directions to take in self-definition, intellectual growth, career choices, and life skills. (Offered in the Fall and Spring)
(There are substitutions available for students in the University Honors or Fine and Performing Arts Scholars Programs)

MATH 1710 Pre-Calculus (Algebra) or any higher level Math

Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra. Studies functions and their graphs, including polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions.

DIGM 1400 Principles of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Introduction to practical techniques and awareness in video production, motion design and visual effects as related to motion picture and commercial production.

DIGM 1500 Principles of Digital Game Design

Provides students with an awareness of the gaming, interaction and other 3D industries as well as preliminary hands-on experience in the interactive and gaming fields.

DIGM 1800 Principles of Digital Animation

Provides students with an awareness of animation and other 3D industries, as well as preliminary hands-on experience in animation production.

DIGM 1900 Principles of Visualization

An introduction to practical and theoretical knowledge in visualization. Through lectures and studio application of the underlying principles, students will gain an understanding of visualization through 2D, 3D and moving imagery.

DIGM 2660 Topics in Digital Media History

Special topics of interest concerning digital media discipline history. Students learn to apply digital media historical concepts to their specialized disciplines.

DIGM 2990 Mid-Point Review

Students produce a digital media portfolio for presentation and evaluation in preparation for upper level coursework and careers in digital media.

ENTC 3030 Technical Communications

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1010 and ENGL 1020. A comprehensive study of technical and professional communication in written and oral form. Covers rhetorical principles and their application in a variety of types of business correspondence, reports, and technical/scientific documents. Lecture and classroom exercises.

ARTH 2010 Art History I

A survey of architecture, painting, sculpture, and the minor arts in the Western world from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages.

DIGM 4930 Portfolio Development for Digital Media

Prerequisites: Senior status and within two (2) semesters of completing all requirements for graduation. Permission of instructor is required. This course provides the opportunity to review and refine selected examples of work for the creation of a digital media portfolio. Topics include industry research, job searching techniques, interview preparation, group projects, presentation skills, and portfolio development and refinement. Lecture and lab. (Offered in Fall, and Spring)

Digital Visualization Concentration:

DIGM 2720 Raster-Based Imaging

Prerequisites: DIGM 1400, DIGM 1500, DIGM 1800, and DIGM 1900; or permission of instructor. Studies digital imaging and processing as related to contemporary practices in digital media. Areas of study might include methods for manipulating images, and the use of digital formats. Image design, color usage, and computer-based production for both traditional and digital publication.

DIGM 3230 Storyboarding

Prerequisites: DIGM 2990 or permission of instructor. Explores the process of visual storytelling through the rendering of storyboards using a variety of two-dimensional and digital techniques while considering its application across various entertainment industries. Topics may also include history, basic processes, technical terminology, and visual language.
Notes: Repeatable up to 12 credits.

DIGM 4620 Visualization Projects

Prerequisites: DIGM 2990 and either DIGM 3240 or DIGM 3220 Focuses on the visualization phases of project development in digital entertainment and communication media. Topics may include advanced methods for manipulating photographic imagery and digital illustration, including customization of software tools for special effects, painting, and compositing. Interdisciplinary projects typical of professional studio assignments are designed to develop problem-solving skills, concept-development, and creativity.
Notes: Repeatable up to 8 credits.
Digital Communications Pathway:

DIGM 2710 2D Content Creation

Prerequisites: DIGM 1400, DIGM 1500, DIGM 1800, DIGM 1900; or permission of instructor. Study the creation of two-dimensional graphic elements and illustrated assets in the pipeline of various digital media communications, productions, and platforms. Digital techniques include both technical and design foundations while focusing on, but not limited to, vector-based graphics.

DIGM 3220 Digital Publishing

Prerequisites: DIGM 2720, DIGM 2990, and either DIGM 2710 or DIGM 2900, or permission of instructor. Studies digital design principles as they apply to the creation and preparation of layout design for the media quartet (mobile, tablet, online and print). Topics might also include history, basic processes, materials and methods of the communications industries as well as the generation of digital design elements.
Notes: Repeatable up to 12 credits.

DIGM 3420 2D Motion Graphics

Prerequisites: DIGM 2990. Presents techniques and theory of effects compositing for video. Instruction is designed to bridge the gaps between 3D production rendering and final output, live action, and computer generated imagery. Work is project based and short, demo-reel quality pieces are produced. Though not required, skills in raster-based imaging and advanced 3D are helpful.
May be repeated for credit up to 12 hours.
Concept Development Pathway:

DIGM 2730 2D Character Construction

Prerequisites: DIGM 1400, DIGM 1500, DIGM 1900, and DIGM 1800 or permission of instructor. Focuses on the fundamentals of 2D character construction including clothing and accessories using digital tools to create 2D digital concept character renderings.

DIGM 3140 2D Animation

Prerequisites: DIGM 2990 or instructor approval. Emphasizes the process and creation of digital two-dimensional animation using a variety of formats and styles including frame-by-frame, rigged, and sprite animation. Lecture and lab.
Notes: Repeatable up to 12 credits.

DIGM 3240 Concept Art

Prerequisites: DIGM 2990 or permission of instructor. Create concept art for story-driven worlds that require the interplay of characters, objects, and their environments. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between form and function, color story and mood, and the application of design principles to the development of compelling concept art that communicates the visual representation of a story. Topics may include environment art, character and model sheets, and other asset design for games and cinema applications.
Notes: Repeatable up to 12 credits.

Visualization Guided Electives (20 hours)
    BIOL 3220 Comparative Anatomy
    HSCI 2010 Anatomy and Physiology I
    HSCI 2011 Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I
    HSCI 3000 Human Anatomy
    Any ADVR course
    Any ARTA course
    Any CSCI course
    Any DANC course
    Any DIGM course
    Any INTD course
    Any MCOM course
    Any RTVF course
    Any STOR course
    Any THEA course
Excluding: MCOM 1030 and CSCI 1100​


Meet a Visualization Alumni

3D Designer, Adidas

“I’m a 3D Designer at Adidas—part of small team of generalists. I translate footwear and apparel designer’s work into 3D renders. I also create visualization renders and animations. There is a lot of creative license with the viz projects, which is a fantastic change of pace.”





Movie Poster




Famous Painting Translation






Still Life Renders






Celebrity Portrait






Storytelling Photo Composite





Character Design





CD Mockups






Aaron Bookout




Devin Dukes





Paul Ashburn



Kalynn Ogle




Hunter Young




Wyll Yoder