James Livingston, Assistant Professor

James has worked extensively in broadcast in positions from production assistant, production manager, to graphic designer. He has both hands-on production as well as managerial experience in the field.  His graphic design experience was with design and animation for daily newscast elements and other services such as internet and print.  James has considerable freelance experience and  has also produced and directed four short films.  In addition to classroom instruction at ETSU, James has taught courses at Milligan College as an adjunct instructor in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging since August 2007.


Jimi Wronecki, Assistant Professor

Jimi comes to us via Atlanta and Philadelphia where he was a Graphic Design instructor at The Art Institute of Atlanta and an Industrial Design adjunct professor at The Univeristy of the Arts and Philadelphia University. James also brings diverse industry experience in e-Business, Industrial Design, and Multimedia. With a Master of Industrial Design and passion for design based education James is here to help you realize your ideas.



Reedena Newlon, Executive Aide

Reedena is so excited to be a part of supporting the Digital Media Center work family of faculty, staff, and students. She has gained a plethora of interesting experiences that should hopefully carry over well. Some of those major experiences include serving in student service areas such as Campus Activities, Campus Ministry, and Country Dancers all while obtaining a BA degree at Berea College. And then also serving in student service roles at UNC Charlotte’s Colleges of Business and then Arts and Architecture, and then more recently at ETSU’s Office of Assessment and Department of Engineering. Reedena is at heart a counselor, crafty, detail-oriented, etc. She gets pretty excited about everything, and counts relationships at work and of course with family, friends (even the furry kind), and nature to be what makes life worthwhile!



Deborah Stephens, Academic Advisor

Wilson Wallis Hall, Room 213C


Marty Fitzgerald, Professor/Chair

To his great surprise, Marty finds himself teaching at ETSU’s Digital Media Center after spending 15 years working in the San Francisco area. He earned two music degrees and owned Pixelworks, Inc., a graphics and animation house, for 12 years. Marty also taught at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. When not stuck in front of a screen, he co-exists as an ultra runner and in 2001 hiked all 2700 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and 2100 of the Appalachian Trail. .



Jonathan Hounshell, Associate Professor

Jonathan Hounshell holds two degrees in fine art and graphic design from Virginia Intermont College, and an M.F.A in Studio Art from East Tennessee State University. His thesis work integrated traditional printmaking techniques with digital image manipulation. In his fine art, Jon is continually exploring themes of memory and the locale though visuals and the written word. He continues to develop these alternative mixtures in personal work through his research as technology expands. His art has been exhibited in a number of galleries in the Mountain Empire and as far as SoHo, NYC. Jon seldom passes up the opportunity to travel, and has visited over a dozen countries from Central and South America through both East and West Europe. As a new faculty member, Jon brings with him over a decade of professional experience in graphic design and advertising with clients ranging from Barter Theatre to Pals Sudden Service, including print media, web and television.



Greg Marlow, Lecturer

Gregory Marlow holds two degrees from East Tennessee State University, a Bachelor of Science, obtained in 2003, and a Master of Science, obtained in 2006. He also received a Certification in Advanced Character Animation from Animation Mentor in 2008. He has worked in the animation and video game industry for nearly eight years. He spent four and a half years at Firaxis Games (2K) in Baltimore, MD, working as a Character Animator and Artist for the Civilization V and XCOM franchises. Some of his published titles include Civilization V, Gods and Kings, Brave New World, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC, XCOM: Enemy Within, Orion Dino Horde, and Bioshock Infinite. He has also worked on numerous edutainment games and applications. He is the author of two instructional ebooks for software in the Autodesk family, and he enjoys writing fiction when no one is looking. He loves to read, listen, watch, or experience a good story. Though Greg has several awards for his work, the award of which he is proudest is the marriage certificate he obtained in Las Vegas with his wife, Amanda Livingston.


Todd Emma, Associate Professor

Todd spent several years in Fort Lauderdale, FL where he operated his design studio “Voodoo Designs” and taught at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He later become the Director of Marketing and Web Design at Steeda Auto Sports while continuing to teach part time. Missing the world of gaming and 3D, Todd went back to teaching full time at the Art Institute in the Game Design department as the Game Engine Technology Expert. Working with the leading 3D game engine and 3D modeling software, he successfully lead graduating classes into successful gaming positions across the country. After a short stay at South East Missouri State University as a multi-media instructor, he is now helping to guide the gaming and interaction program at ETSU in new and exciting gaming areas including new work flows in the 3d pipeline, online interaction, effects for gaming, hud development, mobile gaming and 3d gaming production just to mention a few.


Cher Cornett, Associate Professor

Cher Cornett has been working professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 25 years and has been involved in developing interactive multimedia products for over 15 years, including pioneering work in interactive instructional product design at Florida State University. Prior to coming to ETSU, she has owned and operated CC Design, a mid-sized design and multimedia studio in Tallahassee, FL; chaired the Graphic Arts Technology program at State Tech at Memphis where she built one of the first interactive multimedia programs in a 2-year college; and coordinated and taught in the Interactive Multimedia Masters Degree Program at Southern Illinois University. Her research interests include the history of digital media art, interactive storytelling, and computer-based interactive instruction for K-12. Cher is certified in Adobe Photoshop, is a member of ACM SIGGRAPH and the International Digital Media Arts Association, and is on the register of Judges for the American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards Competitions.




Anthony Keich, Adjunct Professor

Anthony earned his undergraduate degree in Digital Media at ETSU in 2002 and continued his education with digital media courses at The Renaissance Center near Nashville, TN. He worked as a digital media consultant for a management firm, gaining real world experience, and returned to ETSU to earn a graduate degree. He is currently working with ETSU’s Academic Technology group.  Specialties include 3D work, primarily modeling but with a strong understanding of animation, rendering and other aspects; 2D work, primarily photo manipulation and web design; and a strong understanding of video production and editing.