The Creative Arts Scholarship in Digital Media allows out-of-state students to pay in-state tuition. ETSU and Digital Media are committed to providing excellent training and experiences for students in the digital arts. This scholarship provides out-of-state students with the complete cost of out-of-state portion of tuition, so recipients pay the same rate as Tennessee residents.  Students who are participating in another program which covers out-of-state tuition, such as the  Academic Common Market, border waiver, or Honors-in-Discipline, are not eligible. Students must be new to ETSU to qualify for the scholarship; already enrolled students are not qualified. This scholarship has a value up to $1,800 each semester.

This scholarship is good for transfer students, and for international students.


Qualifying for the Scholarship: Students awarded a Creative Arts Scholarship in Digital Media are required to:

  • Be non-Tennessee residents;
  • Major or minor in Digital Media;
  • Have a cumulative high school gpa of 2.5;   
  • Submit a short essay (< 500 words) describing their career goals in digital media;
  • Be 1st-time ETSU students;
  • Register for at least 15 hours per semester;  
  • Be accepted to ETSU;
  • Incoming freshmen are required to live on campus for their freshmen year only. (ETSU provides an Arts Living & Learning Community.  Recipients are not required to live there, but may choose to do so.);
  • Incoming freshmen are required to purchase a meal plan.

Retaining Your Scholarship:  Students awarded a Creative Arts Scholarship in Digital Media are evaluated every semester to ensure that they:

  • Maintain a B average in their DIGM coursework;
  • Maintain a C average overall;
  • As Juniors and Seniors, scholarship students participate in our tutoring program to assist Freshman and Sophomores.

Applying:  Fill out this Google Docs form.