Four Digital Media Students are Semi-finalists in the 2016 Adobe Design

Achievement Awards

We’re pleased to announce that 2 out of the 8 team projects from the Advanced Raster-Based Imaging class in Digital Media were selected as official semifinalists in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Congratulations to Justin Bergan, Scott Hill, Jonah Lasley and Aaron Bookout!

1469 Semifinalists were chosen this year out of 5304 international entrants. the Adobe Design Achievement Awards are a global digital media competition for student creators in 14 categories.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Project originality and creative excellence.
  2. Effectiveness in meeting a communication objective.
  3. Demonstrating skills in applying Adobe products towards these ends.

Justin Burgan | Scott Hill

Category:  Fine Art – Video Editing / Post-Production

An artistic approach on a green screen composite featuring a man coming home to his abandoned hometown.   Scott Hill was in charge of photography and the manipulation of images. Justin Burgan was in charge of directing and editing the production of the green screen composites.




Aaron Bookout | Jonah Lasley

Category:  Social Impact – Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic
This project is a comment about the contrast between nature and man-made environments. We created a lenticular piece with two images. Reading from left to right, the first image is a view of a glass bottle in a healthy environment with plants and trees. Inside of the bottle is a polluted cityscape. The second image is the opposite, the glass bottle is on a sidewalk curb in a polluted city while the inside of the bottle is a nature scene.