Senior Portfolio Spotlight

We’d like to share a glimpse of Jane Anderson’s look development workflow for her original story Wellspring. Jane uses a combination of 3D modeling, sculpting and digital painting techniques in addition to 3D printing to envision her characters and environments for Wellspring. You can discover more in her portfolio at FranDookie on ArtStation

Character turnaround of Ayvel at 14 years
Character turnaround of Ayvel at 20 years

“I think I have been drawing toons like Ayvel my whole life, I have just never been able to find a design I wanted to stick with. I am a fan of intelligent, flawed, and awkward characters- I think I finally found an iteration of that I want to keep! She began as a DnD character I made a couple years back. I liked her personality so much that I threw her on the backburner for some fun stories. Now she has graduated into a narrative of her own.” — Jane Anderson

Matte render, front.
Painted 3D print of the model. Printed in resin, assembled, and finished.
Final illustration of the tower that looms over Wellspring

The Iliaster Tower, or the Tower of the Philosophers rests atop the tallest bluff on the moor. The tower was modeled and rendered using Maya and Arnold, and the painting was done in both Photoshop and Procreate.

Rough drafts for the shape of the tower
Basic render of the tower I constructed from Maya/Arnold with camera and light setup
Added in the details and perspective guides as a sketch
Blocking in color and lighting in photoshop