Senior Portfolio Spotlight

Here is a peek at the board game concept, Dungeon Dashers, created by Kurt Woodward, class of 2023. In the game, four iconic heroes clash in a race to be the one who escape with the dungeon’s treasure. Game play pits you against other players as well as an army of the undead and mimics who are intent upon leaving you forlorn and empty handed. You can see more of Kurts digital artwork, creatures and 3D models at Kurt_Creates on ArtStation

“This board game was a project based thesis where I spent two semesters developing this game from scratch. I spent about 4 months play testing the game with willing participants. After the game mechanics were finalized, I developed the assets. I used ZrBush to model and sculpt all the 3D assets. I used photoshop to create the board, stat cards and alphas used to sculpt the characters.

This project taught me just how much work goes into creating a board game from scratch. This project could easily be polished for years. I had to utilize strong time management to make sure everything worked smoothly. Once the project was completed, I 3D printed the models at approximately 2 inches tall using the Elegoo Mars 2 pro resin printer. I then hand painted the models to match their respective color. lastly, I used a large ink printer to create a 21×21 inch prototype board.

Overall this project was extremely fun and rewarding. It taught me a lot about what is important when it comes to modeling, sculpting, and digital painting for the purposes of board game creation!” — Kurt Woodward

The Rogue
The Cleric
The Wizard
The Warrior
The Zombies